'LSS skript projde pravidla a vsechny vypne a smaze v profilovem dokumentu jejich zkompilovane verze. 'Vhodne, pokud nekdo smaze pravidlo, ale nejprve ho nevypne Dim session As New NotesSession Dim db As NotesDatabase Set db = session.currentdatabase Dim workspace As New NotesUIWorkspace 'This folder contains all the Mail Rules. Dim folder As NotesView Set folder = db.GetView("(Rules)") 'Find the calendar profile document in the current database. (GetProfileDocument will create the named profile document if it does not already exist.) Dim calendarProfile As NotesDocument Set calendarProfile = db.GetProfileDocument( "CalendarProfile" ) 'Mail Rules are compiled and saved in special fields named $FilterFormula_xx 'Remove all of these fields from the calendar profile. Forall item In calendarProfile.Items If( Lcase$(Left$(item.Name,15)) = "$filterformula_" ) Then Print "Cleanup " & item.Name Call item.Remove End If End Forall 'Save changes to the calendar profile. Call calendarProfile.Save( False, False ) 'Disable all Rules. Dim mailrule As NotesDocument Set mailrule = folder.GetFirstDocument While Not( mailrule Is Nothing ) Call mailrule.ReplaceItemValue( "Enable","0" ) Call mailrule.Save( True,False,True ) Set mailrule = folder.GetNextDocument( mailrule ) Wend 'Open the Rules folder Call workspace.OpenDatabase( db.Server, db.FilePath, "(Rules)" ) 'Message to the user. Messagebox "Cleanup complete."